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Boys Suits Guide

At Children's Special Occasion Wear, we have a range of boys suits from christening outfits, pageboy / guest wedding suits, party clothing, special occasion wear in various styles, 3/4/5 pieces and colours. So, where do you start?


To follow the colour theme of an occasion, we sell a varied amount of colours to suit all themes including white, ivory, burgundy, pink, blue, gold, lilac, purple, navy, grey, silver, brown, black etc. For christenings / baptisms, the traditional colours are ivory or white but we have noticed over the years that blue or pink suits are becoming very popular for christenings. We also sell a massive array of coloured ties & dickie bow ties to match with colour themes.

If you would like to view all products across our website in your colour theme, use our 'Shop by Colour' option at the top of the site.


With or without Jacket?: We sell 2, 3 & 4 piece romper suits, 4 piece waistcoat suits and 5 piece suits with a standard or tail jacket. Boys do look very smart with a jacket at a wedding or formal occasion but for christenings, the 2 & 3 piece romper suits are perfect for the traditional look or the 4 piece formal suits are great for the modern look. Depending on the time of year, the 5 piece suits are very popular during colder months simply to keep them warm. Little boys (and Daddies) like to match up with the tail jacket to create a 'little gentleman' look.


5 Piece suits with jacket are always made different than normal clothing (more generous) as each manufacturer and child vary in size. You just need to simply check the size guide, (if it is a struggle to measure the child you can measure a shirt, pair of trousers etc that they fit into now) to compare measurements to give you an accurate size. We have found that you normally need to purchase a size smaller than the age they are wearing now (this is based on an average sized child but we still recommend you check measurements).


Depending on the style you have chosen, the romper suits are best matched with the boys satin pram shoes. For formal suits, they compliment well with the boys patent shoes, pram or hard sole depending on if they are walking. Add a pair of black socks to the formal suits and the plain or cross socks with the romper suits.

We have been selling boys suits since 2007 so if you need anymore advise, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please be aware, we do not mix and match colours of suits nor do we mix sizes up. The suits have already been made at the manufacturing stage exactly as you see them on our website in the sizes stated.

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