How to measure for a Boys Suit

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Choosing that special outfit for your little boy is sometimes a difficult process, especially when it come to which size to purchase.

As we all know, young boys, especially baby's can be all different sizes, and when buying online you are unable to try on the item before. Here is a short guide on how to measure your little boy for a suit.

Firstly measure around the boys neck. Ensure that you can fit two fingers between the boys neck and the tape so that the shirt collar wont be too tight.  This measurement is quite important and use it when looking at the shirt collar size of the suit. The other shirt measurements are not that important as the collar MUST fit correctly. Disregard the waistcoat measurements as this will be the same as the shirt when bought as a set.

For the Trousers we would advise to use a pair of his current trousers at home as a guide.  The easiest way is to lie his trousers on the floor and measure from the waist to the hem. This will give you the 'outside leg' measurement. And measure the waist from one side to the other. Remember to DOUBLE! this figure to give you the 'waist' measurement. Then use these measurements against our size guide to see which size you require.

Finally the Jacket. Measure all the way around your sons chest just under his arm pits.  Then add about 2 inches. The jacket should never be skin tight and will always have a 'bit of give' around the chest. Use this measurement against the Suit Jacket Chest measurement but be mindful that the jacket chest will be bigger than the boys chest and remember the 2 inches that you added.

There are many measurements to a suit. Just remember these important few for a less stressful purchase - So its just the shirt collar, trouser length and waist, and the jacket chest. These are the all important measurements.

Outfits for boys and girls alike always look their best when they fit perfectly so we have done all we could possibly do to make sure this happens.  All items include detailed size guides and all the measurements you need to make that informed decision. We have a help line 01253 364100  - open 10am - 4pm Monday - Friday for any queries you may have. And for you piece of mind we offer a 21 day no quibble return / exchange policy.

We have found from many years experience that boys formal suits are generally larger than normal clothing. So its quite often the case that customers choose the size below their normal high street size. Do not feel dis-heartened after using the size guide and finding that this is the case for you. If you are still unsure and would like to email us with your boys measurements we would be more than happy to advise on which size you would need.

25 March 2017  |  13:30

Hello please can you advise which suit size to buy for my 2boys
Inside leg inches 22.5
Outside leg 29
Collar 11.5
Chest 27
No 2
Collar 11inches
Inside leg 16.5
Outside leg 24
Chest 25 inches

25 March 2017  |  19:41

Hi Helen, please can you contact us via our contact page with the name of the suit you are referring to so we can assist you. We would also need their age, waist measurement and inside arm measurement and also if you can confirm if you have measured their body or their clothing. Regards

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